Delivering on MRO:

How Digital Manufacturing is Making
Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul a Reality

06.01.21 | 10:00AM EST | 16:00 CET

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Learn the top 5 trends that are enabling on-demand MRO for supply chain, advanced manufacturing, sustainability, and field service leaders.

Why is our equipment still down for 30% of the time? On the other end of the spectrum, we are wasting 23% of our spare part inventory. At "Delivering on MRO" hear from digital manufacturing and supply chain strategy experts are solving these problems.
Equipment enables world security and our global economy. The predictive Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO) part production programs of the last decade have made significant strides for viable (on-the-line) equipment. However, once overstock parts run out, equipment sits waiting for the production of repair parts or is decommissioned before its true functional end of life date. Alternatively, we over-invest in inventory carrying to ensure timely repair.

Discussion Topics:

  • How Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO) part production programs and manufacturing technologies have evolved, including automation-assisted design engineering solutions

  • What On-Demand MRO is and how it can increase equipment up-time while saving on engineering, materials, production, and inventory carrying costs

  • UN Sustainable Development Goals, Right to Repair, and Circular Economy business development opportunities for industrial equipment and inventory

  • Sustainability research showcase for 3D printing with metals and understanding digital manufacturing lifecycle analysis

  • Critical decision factors for business and insight into how Digital Manufacturing is being deployed around the world 

After the panel, all audience members had the opportunity to hop into breakout rooms to connect with each speaker, dive further into the visuals presented, and network with other attendees. This event was hosted through Zoom Webinars.


06.01.21 Agenda (Times in EST)

09:50AM | Zoom Webinar Opens

10:00AM | Opening Remarks & ZVerse Welcome (2D to 3D First Look Demo!)

10:10AM | Industry Expert Panel

10:40AM | LIVE Q&A + Closing Remarks

11:00AM | Zoom Networking Breakout Rooms Open

12:00PM | Networking Rooms Close


Industry Expert Speakers

ZVerse David Craig Headshot

David Craig

Opening Remarks & President, ZVerse
Prior to joining ZVerse, Craig served as president of Excent Corporation, chief operating officer for CWK Network, and senior vice president of sales for Servigistics, acquired by PTC.

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Circular Supply Chain Network - Deborah Dull

Deborah Dull

Founder, Circular Supply Chain Network

Deborah has spent 15 years exploring how supply chain can make the world a better place.


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ExOne - Dan Brunermer - Headshot

Dan Brunermer

Technical Fellow, ExOne

Dan lead the design team that resulted in ExOne’s first commercially successful printer, the R2.


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Sherry Handel - AMGTA - Headshot

Sherry Handel

Executive Director, Additive Manufacturer Green Trade Association
Prior to joining the Additive Manufacturer Green Trade Association, Sherry served as Chief Operating Officer for Energy Harvesters LLC, and Deputy Executive Director & CFO of Wayne County, New York Economic Development & Planning.

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MRO Webinar Headshots-04

Amir Sasson

Provost, BI Norwegian Business School

Amir sets the course for BI's executive education and relations with businesses and alumni with the aim of increasing BI's position as an impactful and leading European Business School.


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Sarah OSell - ZVerse - Headshot

Sarah O'Sell

Panel Host & Head of B2B Software Marketing & Communications, ZVerse

Sarah joined ZVerse with a background in design engineering, emerging tech startup consulting, growth marketing, sustainability, and community leadership with Women in 3D Printing.


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